Be considerate. Learn effectively. thrive individually.

thrive is a reinvention of schooling where your child develops a lifestyle of learning within a community focused on the growth of each individual. Our educators utilize the tools of curating an internationally accredited curriculum and a personalized teaching approach to offer your child completely individualized access to learning.

Main offering

thrive is a community of Hubs and Online Pods, each with their own distinctive branch of our thrive culture of consideration and effective learning.


Our HUBs are an extension of your home where we are intentional about nurturing a space that allows your child to feel comfortable and confident about learning.


Our virtual school educators care deeply about offering ethical and effective remote schooling to your child.

Lifeschool Feed

Glance into our school culture


Project Noordhoek Beach Clean Up


Taking the reigns to represent team thrive


Planting our forest of HUBs


A visit to the fire station

(March 13)