Privacy Policy

Our data privacy policy outlines the way Thrive Academy uses your data, what information we collect about you, and what we do with that information.

Data privacy

This data privacy policy outlines the way Thrive Academy uses your data, what information we collect about you through enrollment and forms, and what we do with that information.
This privacy policy may be amended in the future, but any changes will be clearly communicated to our partners.

The basics

We collect the minimum amount of data from you for basic identification purposes (information you provide through enrolment and ‘Arrange a Visit’ forms) and marketing purposes (tracking cookies).
We do not sell your data. In the event that Thrive Academy is acquired, ownership of your data will transfer to the new owners.
The third-party app integration on this website that has access to your data: Google Analytics. These are primarily for marketing and customer relationship management purposes.
We follow GDPR (EU) and POPI (South Africa) privacy regulations in all of our data management practices.

Data collected

We collect personal information you provide through the forms on this website. This may include name, company, email address, and any additional information you share in the freeform text section of the forms
This data goes to Google forms directly and is then distributed to our secure customer management channels. The data is held for the duration of a commercial engagement and is securely scrubbed once every two years.

Cookies & tracking

The following cookies and tracking technologies are present on this website: Google Analytics.

What we use your data for

We use your data to respond to your request to enroll your child to thrive or to visit one of our thriveHUBs.
We do not currently do targeted advertising or newsletter correspondence and have no immediate plans to do so.

Revoking consent

You have the right to request your data to be deleted from Thrive Academy at any point. Contact to request to view all information that Thrive Academy holds about you and to request that the data be securely destroyed should you so choose.

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