Our HUBs are an extension of your home where we are intentional about nurturing a space that allows your child to feel comfortable and confident about learning.

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Equip your child with the internationally accredited American High School Diploma, a distinguishing Academic Transcript and contemporary Essential skills needed to pursue and navigate high quality tertiary and vocational opportunities.

Your Curated Curriculum

thrive is an approach to education that recognises a child as a growing and developing individual. Each student is offered learning opportunities that are relevant to them and are equipped with the specific tools and skills that will help them thrive in school and life

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Optimise your child's access to 1 on 1 guidance time and minimise their social anxiety with organically grouped classes and a low student-teacher ratio (8:1).

thriveHUB footprint

We are a community of Hubs, each with their own distinctive branch of our thrive culture of consideration and effective learning.


Durbanville, Western Cape

Our Durbanville Hub is the replanting of our farmhouse sapling into a spacious and homely property in central Durbanville


Noordhoek, Western Cape

The perfect, peaceful space for authentic learning - our Noordhoek Hub is situated in the heart of the beautiful farmland of Crofters Valley.

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Glance into our school culture


Project Noordhoek Beach Clean Up


Taking the reigns to represent team thrive


Planting our forest of HUBs


A special Friday at the NHK HUB 🍩