Your Curated

Give your child access to engaging and effective learning through an individualised education plan.

An accredited curriculum route is curated for each thrive student from various carefully selected curriculum options. Whilst their academic route is agile, our students access to quality and effective learning is concrete.

When curating your child’s curriculum, these are the things we care about.


Offering your child a self paced, personalised approach that ensures high academic standards.


Desyncing the age - grade relationship gives us the agility to engage your child at the exact point in each learning area that they are appropriately challenged.


A mastery based approach with various forms of assessment allows all students to achieve report outcomes that more accurately reflects their effort, understanding, and performance. As a thrive student, your child will be appropriately challenged through ongoing assessments that evaluate and reward engaged learning over rote content memorisation.


A multi medium approach allows your child to achieve deeper learning in a range of learning strengths and styles.


As a senior student, your child will follow one of our school completion routes that culminates in an internationally accredited school completion Diploma.

thrive does not have grades. On their academic journey through thrive, your child will progress at their own pace through various phases of learning. We adapt our approach to learning, chosen curriculums, and content as your child grows and learns.

If your child is currently in a mainstream South African school, you can find out more about the phase they will fit into at thrive by selecting the approximate phase that their current grade level falls into.

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