Our virtual school community is a space where educators care deeply about offering ethical and effective individualised schooling to their remote students.

Equipped with a variety of purposefully selected tools, thriveONLINE Educators are intentional about reaching through to your child and engaging them with a healthy love for learning and whole growth.

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"Online schooling suits our lifestyle, but my child needs a more personal connection with her teachers"
A perplexed parent

Chat to us about our real and fully engaged thriveONLINE teachers.

Your Curated Curriculum

Choosing your child’s education should be as effortless and personalised as buying them the right pair of shoes.

thrive curates and grows an academic program to fit your child.

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“Online schooling limits my child’s access to tactile learning experiences”
A concerned parent

thriveONLINE students learn through doing in our Lifeschool learning experiences
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The first step to finding out if thrive is a good fit for your child is quick, easy and personal.

Lisa is here to chat to you about your child's academic journey.

Our out of the box, all inclusive fees cover

Everything your child needs to get started and get growing


Full involvement in our thrive LIFESCHOOL project learning program


Social engagement and participation in our ONLINE and HUB community events and experiences


1 on 1 teacher support throughout their school day

For as little as R3170 per month

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Lifeschool Feed

Glance into our school culture


Project Noordhoek Beach Clean Up


Taking the reigns to represent team thrive


Planting our forest of HUBs


Hard work, good chats, writing leap year letters to ourselves, calming brain breaks and a special Friday donut treat 🍩